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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 18, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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reading this, you're no doubt asking yourself why did this have to happen. we can make an assumption he's referring to what we're seeing, this crash. we don't know that. it clearly says why did this have to happen. i want to be careful what we read from this, but this man writes he believes there are two interpretations for every law, one for the very rich, one for the rest of us. as you pointed out his patriotism cost him $40,000, 10 years of his wife, set back his retirement to zero. he talks about his wife. we know she was in the home when he set that on fire. he talks about her unreported income. neighbors were able to help his wife cheryl and their daughter safely get out of that home. joseph stack was gone at that time presumably headed to the airport in goernltown, texas, to get his airplane that was housed there. pete, back to what we were discussing.
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in this note he goes on to say he reached out to everyone. he says, i spent $5,000 of my pocket change and at least 1,000 hours of my time mailing to any senator, congressman, governor who would listen. would the irs likely have a record of someone who was constantly, i guess, beating them down, angry about his or her situation? >> well, they would. of course they would. and it looks like he was involved in some litigation with the irs as well. we should probably say here, tamron, it isn't specifically aimed just -- this diatribe on the web isn't aimed just at the irs. it's a general sort of beef against the government in general, against the bailout for big corporate companies, against the health care plan, the failure, lack of a health care plan. but he then goes on to recite a long history of problems with the tax law and with the irs. >> he has specific details of
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tax codes he felt he fell under, mentions a tax accountant. brings us back to the fact the irs was housed in that building. if he has -- the wording here -- reached out to everyone and was complaining, i believe we could say he knew the irs was in that building. not a random building on 183 in north austin, especially when you read this manifesto down to the specific detailing of the tax code. we don't want to go too far but want to be logical combining what we're reading and hearing from the authorities. contessa. >> this is the way joe stack was saying good-bye. he ends this manifesto, well, mr. big brother, irs man, let's try something different. take my pound of flesh and sleep well. he dates this joe stack 1956 through 2010, dated 02-18 iowa
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2010. tom costello has more on that. what do investigators know about how this crash unfolded. >> reporter: we know the first calls on the house fire came in at 9:15. at 9:55 the plane down call came out. so this was a very short period of time under which you can see the plane -- house fire was called in and 30 minutes later or so the plane was down. whatever happened it was very deliberate, very quick. we can also tell you, as you would expect, the ntsb will investigate the plane crash and they will be joined by local authorities and the fbi if there's reason to believe a government office, the irs, was targeted in this crash. we can also tell you joseph stack did, indeed, own a piper cherokee aircraft we've been recording. it was registered to his business address in california. the address for which his software business was also registered. it was a piper cherokee, single
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engine plane. it can seat anywhere from six passengers, carry somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 gallons of fuel or so. what many came concerned about early on and witnesses are concerned about, when they said this plane seemed to deliberately come down at a very steep angle of attack and seemed to be being flown well, if you will, a deliberate angle of attack towards that plane. it was blue sky day. they were immediately concerned about the fact this may not have been an accident. clearly that's the question now. was this an accident, terrific coincidence or a deliberate attack on a building that contains the irs offices. >> the austin fire department says two people have been injured. one we know was severely burned and sent to the burn center in san antonio from the hospital in austin. another is there in the hospital in austin. there's also one office worker unaccounted for. this is a person who was
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scheduled to be at work today. they don't know where this person is. so they are working to try and confirm where this particular office worker is. the faa suppose person says this pilot, joseph stack, did not file a flightplan. but in this case, tom, that would be normal, if you were going to take a small plane trip, right in it's not out of the ordinary for a flight plane not to be filed. >> if his intentions were benign. let's underscore this, if his intentions were benign, if he were going to fly below 1,000 feet he would not file a flightplan, unless he goes into a metro area, terminal area around the airport. clearly austin airport is big enough you should be filing a flightplan if you're flying anywhere near the airport or austin. if he were flying in the country side below 1,000, no.
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>> if you were planning to target -- >> you wouldn't bother. >> you don't care about flight plans. thanks forth new information you keep bringing to the table. tamron, we believe that's the tail of the plane. >> let's go to christopher, emergency department medical director for university medical center from breckenridge. what can you tell us. >> we did see two people here. one was a burn patient, as you've reported. he was transferred to the brooke army medical center in san antonio after being stabilized here with burns that comprised about 20% body surface area, none of which were expected to be life threatening. the other victim suffered smoke inhalation and is currently receiving treatment for that at university medical center at breckenridge and is in stable condition. >> were both in the building at
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the time? >> yes. >> so far you've not heard of other jures, even minor ones in your facility? >> that's correct. in fact, we've called around to all the hospitals in the area and no one has had any traffic and no ems traffic related to this incident. >> that's amazing news. i'm not sure if you've seen live coverage, but this building, the front of it, is gone from the impact of the crash. there were people inside. at this point you now have two jures. tell me a little bit more about the burn injury. you said they weren't life threatening? >> that's correct. apparently my understanding this individual was standing with his back to the window and his office was one of the ones struck. his clothing started on fire on the back side. his shirt which he ripped off over his head. his burns were limited to the area that covered his shirt. >> did the two people treated there explain how they were able to get out of there?
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did you get any insight on what they saw? >> i did not. i heard only from smoke inhalation victim directly. he mainly talked about how grateful he was for the extremely quick response of ems and fire and the pivotal role they played in getting everyone out. he expressed that he just really wants us to finish up his care so he could go to church and pray. >> my goodness. you expect to release him soon? >> win the next few hours. >> christopher, thank you very much. i'm sure your whole team was on the ready to help anyone who may have been injured in there. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> let's send it back over. >> two eyewitnesses describing what they saw with the plane crash from our affiliate. >> coming from that derrek, it was like it was swooping down like it was going to buzz the apartments. it looked like he had full
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control, like he was just going to come real close to the apartments and come right back us. as soon as he cleared the apartments, it was like he dropped down. we saw like a ball of flames as big or tall or taller than the apartment itself. >> it was a speedy dive. it was between the first and second floor of echelon three. >> can you tell our viewers where it exactly hit? >> see that smoke? >> yeah. >> right there. see the retaining wall? >> yes. >> right above the retaining wall and into the building. a gigantic fireball came out 50 feet wide, then windows blew out and insulation blew out. >> there you're hearing some of the eyewitnesses that talked to kxan reporters on the ground. aerial from woai. you can see the debris spreading
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out into the research boulevard. the result of that plane crash. coming up, talking to the former chairman of ntsb how former investigators go about piecing together this puzzle. why did he fly into the building? what was his state of mind, what did he learn? quick break, we'll be right back. eerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪
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welcome back. we're following breaking news out of austin texas. governor rick perry was just talk ag short time ago. let's listen in. >> in a free society. the balance is finding how to protect the people and also protect their freedoms and liberties, whether it's allowing
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ease of access into the state capital. i hope we don't turn our capital into dfw or bush international airport from the standpoint of security. texans still have freedom to come and go and don't feel like they are being inappropriately hassled. the other side of that is we have people's safety. so it is always a battle between anarchy and tyranny, always has been. thank you all. >> thanks, governor. >> that was governor rick perry of texas. ending his comments on anarchy and tyranny. we're going to listen to more of what he had to say there. i say that because we had interesting comments from a man who is angry with the government and may have allegedly targeted
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this irs, this building that houses the irs because of anger with the government. we'll talk much more about them in a second. let's go to former ntsb investigator greg pike, who is a pilot always. thanks for joining us. we know the ntsb is on its way there. what will they do in their investigation, especially in light of all the information coming in on joseph stack, including the manifesto he wrote at the government, irs, just about anyone. he was angry within the government. >> the ntsb will work in concert with the fbi, given the fact this could be a criminal event, the fbi is going to want to preserve the evidence as much as possible. ntsb by its nature investigates incidents and accidents. yet this was an intentional act. in this classification, they could see this as a suicide. they want to work in concert with the fbi to preserve evidence. if there's any other criminal investigation that's yet to be done and any kind of
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ramifications from that investigation that the fbi needs the evidence, they will have to preserve it. they will work closely with the board on the investigation. >> even if indications are this was not an accident, they would still play a role in the investigation as we still learn more? >> absolutely. the investigation -- typically the board will do the investigation. it was an intentional act. there have been times where the board has turned over the investigative process to the fbi. usually that's with a commercial airliner. in this case they are going to work hand in hand. several years ago we had a situation with a 15-year-old boy who stole an airplane and flew it into the side of a building in tampa. >> i remember that. >> it was one of those things they have to work together to preserve that evidence if there's any kind of criminal charges that will come out of this investigation. >> you know, again, looking at this building, you've been with us and watching this coverage since it broke at 10:00 local time, 11:00 eastern time, the
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damage is incredible, greg, when you think about it, we talked to the hospital there. two people were treated. one could be leaving the hospital here in an hour with no jures. another person burned and not life threatening. >> that's very fortunate for those people. this is a small airplane weighs about 2,000 pounds, carries about 40 gallons of gas, if the tanks were full. if the pilot flew into the side of the building, kocoming out oa dive. the structure will take the brunt of that. the atomization, the fuel will cover a larger area. even though the fire may not be intense, any materials in the building will catch fire and support combustion and spread the fire. the big key here is we do not know in addition to the fuel on the airplane, what this pilot may have done to carry an
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additional kind of explosive and/or additional fuel. he apparently burned down his own house setting a fire that was a pretty large sized explosion. he may have done something with the airplane to contribute to the enormity of the fire damage. we just don't know at this point. >> thank you very much. former ntsb investigator. let me send it to contessa. >> there's an office worker unaccounted for, supposed to be at work. so far they have not been able to account for that person. we're waiting for word about the condition and whereabouts of the person. when we do we'll get it. in the meantime, to mike viqueira. what's been the white house reaction to what we're seeing unfold in austin, texas? >> the president had a slate of activities at the white house this morning. he did take a motorcade from the white house out to andrews air force base. overnight out west denver swing, denver, colorado, out west in henderson, nevada, where he's got political events as well as
2:19 pm
town hall events. what we learned sometime during that motorcade, perhaps when theta to andrews, press secretary robert gibbs did inform the press pool the president himself was briefed at 12:35 washington time this afternoon by his homeland security adviser who told the president -- gibbs told us, this does not appear to be an act of terrorism. that's all we know at this point. it's possible or likely he'll be provided more information aboard air force one. we won't have a read on that until wheels are down in a few hours. >> thank you very much. mike viqueira reporting from the white house. again, the scene in austin, texas, the site of a plane crash of a man who was apparently fur reduce with the irs and decided to take it out crashing his plane into a building in austin, texas.
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welcome back. i'm contessa brewer. we're following breaking news out of austin, texas, where a man has crashed his plane into a building that housed the irs. apparently this is a guy who was furious at the irs, has been for years and left a detailed note detailing his gripes against the irs. let me bring in tom costello. what are you learning about joseph stack in terms of being the primary suspect, a pilot and crashing his plane. >> let's look at the flight path. this is very telling. we should have it coming up here. this shows he left the georgetown municipal airport. look at that. it is a direct, straight line hugging the highway right into the echelon building. no deviation or attempt to avoid the building, circle around. clearly the ntsb and fbi will be looking at this flight path and
2:24 pm
whether it gives us some indication this was a deliberate attempt to flew right into the irs offices at the building what we can also tell you as we've been reporting throughout the day, joseph stack does, indeed, own a piper cherokee, a fixed single engine plane. it matches the address for his software business in california. therefore, you can deduce this is a man who was experienced in at least flying piper cherokee planes. as we've also been reporting throughout the day is a widely flown plane. it isn't a terribly difficult plane to fly. seen at virtually every airport in the country. former ntsb investigator pointed out it carries about 40 gallons of fuel. clearly, the many questions they will be asking as they sift through this debris, as they do their tests, metallurgy tests, was there an additional accelerant on board. we have no answer for that the
2:25 pm
time line, we are aware the first call to the fire department on the house fire came in at 9:18 and the first call for a plane down came in at 9:55. we're talking about, what, a 20, 30-minute gap there. clearly you can see the flight path appears to be a very deliberate path as well. >> for viewers joining in the house fire, it began as a domestic disturbance. local police went there. joseph stack fled to the georgetown airport, picked up his plane and investigators are telling us took that small piper cherokee right into austin, texas, where it crashed into the echelon building resumably intentionally because joseph stack left behind a suicide note detailing all his concerns about the irs and the irs does have offices in that building. one person unaccounted for, an office worker who was supposed to be at work. we're waiting for word on that person. tom costello, thank you. we're going to take a break. we'll share details on this breaking news story after this.
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i understand you have more information. >> reporter: more on this diatribe on the website he had. if you go to the website, all that's on the website now. this is company website is the actual diatribe. if you look right up here at the top, you'll see what he titled it. he titles it, well, mr. irs man, take my pound of flesh. well, mr. big brother irs man, take my pound of flesh. then you go on and read the whole thing. a couple of other notes about this, tamron, our i.t. people have used their skills to peek behind the curtain here and see when this specific revision was
2:30 pm
made. in other words, if you would have gone to his website a while back, you would have seen a conventional website instead of this thing popping up. they say based on their analysis of the computer coding, it looks like he made the last revision to this website this morning, sometime this morning, february 18th, maybe at about 6:40 a.m. this appears to be another piece to the time line of his apparent preparation, what law enforcement believes, without being able to prove at this point, that he set this series of events in motion this morning with the intention of flying his airplane into the commercial building there ennear austin that had the irs located in it. this is just another piece of that has he was manipulating, fiddling with, making the final preparations to have this message pop up on his website just this morning. >> sadly, this is not the first time we've seen, pete, people go
2:31 pm
online and write these manifestos or have these writing to make it clear to the rest of us wondering why they want it to be quite clear why they are acting in this way and in this case. i've got to ask you, we're getting in e-mails from people here. there's curiosity factor on many levels here. you've got people who wonder why this is considered a domestic issue if this man, in fact, targeted the irs. why isn't this considered an act of terrorism. that's a question that comes into us so i'll ask you. >> good question. i guess you could say in one sense it's a good question, you think about bare bones, what appears to happen here is someone attacking a building that contains the federal government, that's precisely what timothy mcveigh did in oklahoma city. the reason is since 9/11, the concept of terrorism has changed some to think that it has less
2:32 pm
of a kind of one person going in and shooting up the post office kind of thing and more of an al qaeda, government-driven, idea logically-driven thing. there doesn't appear to be that. there's no element here of an act to try to get the government to do something or express an ideological point of view. i guess their initial sense is this is somebody who had a beef with a government agency and wanted to take it out on them as opposed to mcveigh who really had no objection himself to the atf or fbi or any other agencies located in the murrah building in oklahoma city. granted, it's a somewhat fine distinction. i think part of what's going on here with the federal government is to say, look, this isn't christmas day all over again. this isn't al qaeda -- the terrorists as we've come to think of it. this is completely distinct from
2:33 pm
that. this really is a crime. >> pete, you know, we've talked a lot lately about this anger we see directed at the government. it's always obviously been a part of our right to protest and get angry about things. do they monitor, the federal investigators, are they monitoring this kind of anger more as we see sparks of it around the country? i'm being careful to phrase this. i don't want to direct it at one group, one party or anything like that. we know and you know there's been a lot of talk lately especially after the government bailout of some of those companies. there's a frustration. do they monitor angry letters or outcries more now? >> you know, i think the answer is probably no. i think the fair way to put this, tamron, is there are known groups that are monitored. there are people who have criminal pasts who are monitored. but the federal government simply, even if it wanted to,
2:34 pm
doesn't have the manpower, resources to monitor everybody who is upset at the federal government. so the answer probably in this case is no. >> i figured that to be the answer. have you people asking all kinds of questions. we see this, especially with this online rant. it's out there. this joseph stack saying that he had reached out and been complaining for sometime. pete, thank you very much for answering those questions. your incredible insight is always appreciated around here. thank you. contessa, authorities are still going through that building. as you pointed out, still one person unaccounted for, a worker getting an update there. we spoke with the emergency director at the local hospital near there. one individual was treated for smom inhalation. he should be treated shortly. one with a burn to 25% of his body. his back was to the window when the small plane crashed through there. perhaps in the coming hours we
2:35 pm
might hear more from joe stack's wife cheryl. she survived that house fire authorities say he deliberately set with her and their child inside. >> reporter: maybe we should go back through that time line and talk about how it went down this morning in the 9:00 a.m. hour. at 9:18 there came in a call of a house fire. we know local police were called to this house you see burning right now. this was joseph stack's house. apparently a domestic disturbance. joseph stack fled to the municipal air force, about 20 minutes from his house, got into his piper cherokee and flew it basically straight toward this building, this office building in austin, texas, a seven-story building where the workday was under way. it's rather amazing so far you have one person unaccounted for and two injuries considering there were people in the building, it was an impact on the building near a busy highway
2:36 pm
in austin, texas. gret feith joins me. an faa spokesman said there was so much damage to the wreckage of the plane, it was hard to identify. how do ntsb investigators go in and attribute to this investigation of how this crash went down. >> one of the first things they will do is examine the accident site itself, look at the wreckage. there are some signs on the airplane, a data plate. they can confirm the aircraft serial number, run it against records. they will look at the airplane to see how it impacted. it's very obvious it hit this building at a very high rate of speed. at least that's what it appears to be. they will pull the wreckage out. there's not a lot of reconstruction to the aircraft that's necessary. it's he evident that this was an intentional act. so unlike an accident where you're trying to determine if
2:37 pm
there's a mechanical malfunction or failure of the airplane, while the ntsb investigators will look for those kinds of signs, it's evident from all of the other evidence coming in or at least coming in, it's probably an intentional act, not a mechanical accident, in fact driven by the pilot itself flying that into the side of the building. >> if investigators categorize this as they will do, the ntsb will be contributing but not the lead agency here. >> typically in the criminal event the board takes a back seat. they will help the fbi and support. they will do all the reconstruction necessary. they will gather that type of evidence attributed to the aircraft, because the fbi, while they may have some level of knowledge about aviation, that's one of the board's expertise. they will use that information, assist the fbi in collecting
2:38 pm
that evidence, preserving that evidence, if there are to be other kinds of criminal investigations that are born out of this particular investigation. >> greg, i know there's still some question about whether joseph stack may have loaded additional fuel on board his plane or an incendiary device. will the ntsb be pivotal in determining that? >> i think the ntsb will be contributory. the fbi may have bomb experts that come in. they will be looking for things they can attribute to additional incendiary devices. there are additional fuel tanks you can install in airplanes that provide under normal conditions the ability to fly longer distances. we don't know how this airplane was equipped. they will be looking for that type of evidence. given the fact, the nature of this fire, how big it was, especially in an office building like this, if the airplane had only 40 plus gallons of fuel, which an airplane of this size
2:39 pm
typically would have, that's a pretty large fire. so they are going to be looking for evidence of additional incendiary or explosive-type devices that may have contributed to the enormity of this fire. >> all right, greg feith, thank you very much. as you can see from the wreckage from these aerial views, this is a crash that did a lot of damage. the pilot is presumed dead and one office worker unaccounted for. on the whole you have a whole lot of people in austin, texas, today breathing a sigh of relief to have escaped this office building unscathed. a quick break. we'll be right back. in campbell's tomato soup while keeping the famous flavor. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪
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welcome back. we're getting more information on the breaking news story we've been following. a small plane crash in a building in austin. it's becoming clear, what we're receiving from federal investigators this was deliberate. let's bring in jim tillman, aviation expert. jim, we've gotten a lot of
2:43 pm
information obviously now about this pilot. what do you believe should happen now or will happen now in this investigation? >> well, the investigation is going to be pretty intense at this point. they are nailing down some facts that will give them strong leads about what may have been motive, if you can call it that, for what happened. i think that it's nice and comforting to know we don't have to without about this being a terrorist act. it was, in fact, a crime if you ask me and something followed by the fbi. >> again, since this plane belonged to individual, authorities are looking at joe stack, there's not anything to investigate at the airport where he started his flight, george town airport, other than finding out his state of mind at the time with someone there.
2:44 pm
>> that's one of the points i want to each size. aviation is not the bad guy this is not the time to determine we should restrict this or that on aviation. this is an individual that did on his own what he did. it would have been more disastrous if he had driven a tanker truck into the building. he happened to use an airplane because that's what he knew how to use. it's important to realize general aviation is not the bad guy. >> you make that appoint. we had another aviation expert on as well wanting to emphasize that you can't just lock down the airports there and not allow people to have access. a deadly weapon can be anything, including an aircraft as we have here. this not being a deadly weapon here but referring to 9/11. contessa, we're getting in more
2:45 pm
accounts from witnesses. at this point we have no word on what ntsb is seeing on the ground but we do know what people saw in austin. >> reporter: talking to eyewitnesses who saw the crash unfold, one of them is an experienced pilot. >> i heard a light plane. i know the sound well. i've been flying little planes since high school. it was really low. he brushed across the parking lot lights, those big 30 foot lights, shot right across that. it was a blue and white fixed gear single engine cherokee 140, one of the safest planes around. shot right across the road, was going really fast. those aren't fast airplanes. they cruise about 115. the engine was on full blast. of course i can't testify to
2:46 pm
that, but it sure was hauling. >> oh, man. >> it was a really speedy dive. it what happened right in between the first and second floor of echelon three. >> can you show our viewers exactly where you believe the plane hit? >> see the white smoke? >> yeah. >> it's that hole ride dead center of the building. see that stone wall, the retain wall? >> yes. >> it hit above the retaining wall and shot in the building. a gigantic fireball came out about 50 feet wide, then windows flew out and inulation flew out. >> just one of the eyewitnesses who described what he saw when that plane crashed into this building again. one office worker unaccounted for. we're waiting for word when that happens. when we get word from that office worker we'll pass that on. a quick break. we'll be right back. seals it tight. smells like fresh ground. fresh fresh fresh fre-- that's our favorite part. ...fresh! (announcer) taste why maxwell house is good to the last drop.
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welcome back. we continue to following breaking news out of austin,
2:50 pm
texas. let's listen to kxan, local reporter on the scene of this plane crash. >> reporter: people really need to avoid this area, figure out some other way to go. just take some extra, extra time this afternoon as you are trying to get home from work today. and that's the latest from here in northwest austin. >> all right. you're right, matt, it is just hard to watch, to have seen for the last few hours watching this whole thing unfold. >> we just received word the fbi is going to be pulling the manifesto off the website, so the link we've been telling you about you can read will be gone in the next few moments. >> the subsequent link we set up, it is a registered website mr. stack had ownership of. we confirmed that earlier. the fbi is requesting we take that down or that everybody take that down. it is a rambling -- >> it's gone now. >> it's gone. >> we want to give awe quick
2:51 pm
programming note. we're watching local affiliate, talking about the manifesto registered online to a website registered to him right before the plane crash. i've been hearing from some of our viewers that you can no longer see this manifesto online. basically it starts out, if you are reading this, you're no doubt asking yourself why did this have to happen. then joseph stack goes on to outline his problems with the government, with the irs, with the bailout, for example of that's one of the things he lists here. just a smidgeon of it, patriotism cost me $40,000, 10 years of my life and set back my retirement plans to zero. he talks about unreported income his wife made and just a list of other problems or beefs, as pete williams worded it with the
2:52 pm
government. he signs it joe stack, 1956, 2010. he dates it february 18th, 2010 and refers to the government taking a pound of his flesh. this is the manifesto. answers, what i believe joe stack wanted, it answers the questions many of us have now and had when we learned this and to be a deliberate and intentional plane crash. contessa. >> what's so sad about that manifesto, it serves as a suicide note. here is a guy who has a wife and a daughter. they were apparently in the home earlier today. police were called for a domestic disturbance when joseph stack recordedly set his house on fire. the wife and the daughter are safe. apparently they went to a neighbor's house and they are safe. again, they have lost a loved one. let me bring in aviation attorney mary sciavo.
2:53 pm
we were talking about this and looking for details, appears they are investigating this as a crime, a person disgruntled with the irs and took specific steps to show how frustrated he really was. what's your reaction? >> one thing our investigating the crime, obviously the investigation shifts away, they will check to be sure, shifts away from the classic aviation investigations. they won't be looking for a problem with the plane or in the maintenance or anything of that sort. instead this will be a weapon -- the plane will be a weapon he used to carry out a suicide vendetta against the airplane. so the ntsb will have little to do -- they won't be looking for clues as to why the plane crashed. instead, it will be an fbi-led investigation. >> mary schiavo purchase just
2:54 pm
aerial sz alone are stunning, when you see how much damage the piper cherokee, small aircraft wasable to do to the office building. >> it's still considered a safe aircraft. we now know this was a deliberate crash by the pilot joe stack. we'll continue to follow this. thank you for joining myself and contessa. i'll see you back here tomorrow during this slot. in the meantime, david shuster picks up our coverage. i'm going to join david as we get more information on this manifesto from joe stack, the investigation into this crash. of course more on his issue, apparently, with the government we'll be right back after a break. ling. ling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you.
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breaking news we're following at the top of the hour. a plane flies into an office building in austin, texas. >> right above the retaining wall and shot in that building. a gigantic fireball came out, probably 50 feet wide, then the windows blew out, then
2:58 pm
insulation flew out. >> and this was no accident. we're learning more by the minute about the man joseph stack who flew into the building after he allegedly set his home on fire. authorities are trying to figure out just what made him do it all. hello, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington. we continue to follow what has been a very memorable day for a lot of people in austin, texas. just over four hours ago witnesses saw a small aircraft flying fast and low over the highway pt the plane then crashed into an office building containing several offices including a regional branch of the internal revenue service. police believe the pilot was joseph stack, a software engineer with an alleged history of audits, penalties paid to the irs and a simmering rage over experiences with the tax system in general. furthermore, stack did have a pilot's license. at least two people inside the building were injured and a third person who worked there
2:59 pm
remains unaccounted for. a fire continues to burn in the building. firefighters say the situation has been contained right now they are en route to the crash site. let's bring in federal investigators. what do you make of what happened. >> as the evidence unfolds it's being evidence it's not an accident and perhaps a crime. >> as far as we've got all sorts of information this guy was angry. what's the first thing the ntsb does in a situation like this? >> now that they have all this background, to help out the fbi, it would seem. this is becoming more a criminal investigation than an accident investigation. >> what does that mean? >> that means they would be the technical support. they would be at the support or assistance of authorities that needed their technical


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